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L.C. Greenwood was born and raised in Canton, Mississippi and he is the oldest of 9 children. He attended Rogers High School and started playing football and basketball his last 2 years of school. Because of his responsibilities and chores at home, L.C. had to choose between playing basketball and football…He chose football! While attending high school, L.C. started his own painting and small construction company. He was diligent about going to church, studying hard and saving money. His hard work paid off. He was approached by Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia and was granted a partial academic scholarship to study to be a pharmacist. But his destiny was not yet sealed. Arkansas AM & N offered L.C. a full athletic scholarship to play football. In his freshman year, the starting Defensive End got injured, so L.C. was immediately put into the game as a starting player. For the next 4 years at Arkansas AM & N. L.C. was a starting player. After playing an exceptional game against Jackson State College in Mississippi, L.C. was introduced to Art Rooney Jr., from The Pittsburgh Steelers during an unorganized press conference. In his Senior year L.C. was actively being sought after by the Dallas, Cowboys, during the draft, but they took him off of the boards, and The Steelers eagerly drafted him in the 10th round.

L.C. played with The Steelers organization for 13 years. He played and won 4 Super Bowls. Additionally, he was honored to be a member of every All Pro Team during the 1970’s, was an All Pro 7 times and played in 6 NFL Pro Bowls. Many football fans adore him for his contribution to The Steel Curtain and his Gold Shoes!

While playing football L.C. continued to be an entrepreneur. He started Greenwood Enterprises which is a construction and paving company. He then researched the coal and mining industry and realized that there were several opportunities. L.C. began his coal and mining brokering business and it quickly evolved into brokering coal. L.C.’s company got certified to do work with Penn Dot. While working with Penn Dot, L.C. met James McDonald. They discussed business opportunities and later they created another company, Monolah Basin Engineering with offices in Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Tucson, and Deerfield Beach, Florida. Monolah Basin Engineering is a Certified Minority Civil Structural Engineering Company. In 1980, Jim and L.C. went into business yet again and started Greenwood McDonald Supply – an electrical supply company. Today, both James and L.C. actively run the business.

In 1991 L.C. sold Monolah Basin to Jim McDonald and in 2002, L.C. started Greenwood Manufacturing, a fulfillment and corrugated packaging company.

L.C. Greenwood has always given back to his community. Currently he is an Advisory Board Member for CASH, Diakonia, Christian Coalition Outreach, The Pittsburgh Foundation, and Nimmio Educational Foundation. He is a Community Relations spokesperson for MTR Gaming.

L.C. is a life member of N.A.A.C.P., a Member of AFTRA – The American Federation of Theater and Radio, the Screen Actors Guild, and the American Federation of TV. He has been in 10 national commercials, including the Miller Lite Campaign, and Haggar slacks, and numerous local commercials.